How to Localize assets: A Start

A language is a powerful tool. Infamous words of Federico Fellini, A different language is a different vision of life.

Localization is the process of adapting a resource or product to meet the needs of a certain location. Localizing your materials entails making essential adjustments to current information to ensure that it is understandable to a target audience in a certain location.

Let’s break down the above definition. Localization is knowing that when someone orders a double-double, the person wants a coffee with an extra shot base and cream! (Canadian charisma). See localization is that simple and unique to a place. But that is not all Localization is limited to. Today, we use the localization and the concept to improve brand quality and devise a way to the customer’s heart.

There are numerous ways to localize assets:

1. Translation:

In a world where not only, we are connected via the web, immigration is very prominent. Many people take time to adjust and power through the cultural shock. Translation of assets like apps, websites, etc. in their native languages, therefore, empowers them to settle.

2. Visuals:

The visuals of a brand/ website often are targeted to the audience. A customer is more likely to buy a product where they are visually attracted to it and therefore, localization helps the information of that connection.

3. Formats:

Formats of dates, measurements, texts play a key role. For example, let’s compare the USA whose imperial system makes everyone in the rest of the world crazy. A person from Europe always needs to go out of the way making more effort. Companies can definitely provide country-friendly options and therefore, be inclusive.

It’s important to remember that localizing information comprises more than merely implementing accessible forms and translating existing content into the audience’s native tongue. It’s also about producing content that conveys the intended message to a variety of people.

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