Localization – Diversity, and Inclusion

Language is an undeniable power that can shape our reality. Be it Sci-fit or academics, the language carries a weapon of change. Our languages carry the histories of generations, yet it changes as time flies.

So, what does localization have to do with it?

Let us understand an example of a classic language, Latin. The scientists and medical officers around the world still use it, but Latin is a dead language. People around the globe study it, teach it, and translate it, yet no one holds a conversation in Latin. If they did, they would be witches and wizards!

But why did the language end up dead?

Because over ages, many subsidiaries rose from the roots of Latin, English being one, and later the Latin language became obsolete. It is the common masses that handle this; it is the local people that are the soul of a language, where localization enters the picture.

The locals who use the language for communication via idioms and metaphors, who converse it in everyday are the most important and targeted groups of localization today. In today’s market, appealing to locals, to this diverse group of people who differ from place to place, the companies, whether media or marketing, are becoming the primary goal. After all, what person wouldn’t love that the companies are paying attention to their history, their culture.

Localization is the new trend!

Large companies like Zoom, Eventbrite, Slack, have added diversity and inclusion (D&I) metrics to their language vendor selection processes. Clients have asked for inclusive adaptations of their current and future content/assets. Such idea appeals to the public and it isn’t limited to their roots, no. It is also about including different ethnicity, culture, races and the LGBTQ+ community. Millions of people come in all shapes, color and sizes, and so do the modern languages all over the world! That is the magnificence of inclusion.

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