Localization Vs Globalization

If you read the previous articles, you already know what localization is. Know here Localization Vs Globalization Allow me to briefly recap:

Localization is the process of adapting a resource or product to meet the needs of a certain location. Localizing your materials entails making essential adjustments to current information to ensure that it is understandable to a target audience in a certain location.

So now that we are clear about localization, let us now understand what is globalization.

Globalization is adapting or transforming a resource or an asset to fit the demands of multiple cultures all over the globe. In easier term, it means development of a brand or product that is acceptable by everyone worldwide.

Let us take an example of a website. Globalization involves development of a website, products and product information in multiple languages, so that it is accessible to everyone. It is not only limited to English. Many times, various websites are originally in the local or native language of the country. They are usually translated and trans created into English language to have a better accessibility and reach to a wider audience.

Localization and globalization are entwined with each other. We may separate the two terms for the sake of understanding but they two sides of the same coin. We need to localize content to reach to the native/multi-cultural audience, and we need to globalize content that is available so it once again reaches the targeted demographic. One cannot be done without another.

At MoniSa, we keep both localization and globalization of assets in mind, although in today’s market, most content/assets already target the global market, they are pushing towards the localization more. So, both localization and globalization hang in a balance, moving up and down like a see-saw!

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