Translation Management System VS Machine Translation – The two horns of a dilemma

Do you ever wonder if you should go for a Specialised TMS or prefer the more recent MT based language processing pathway? We agree, its a tough choice. And its full of a lot of technical nitwits. But we would choose human translation anyday – after all, what could be better than the alchemical result of 86 billion neurons! But since the debate is between TMS and MT, here are a few details to help you understand the differences.

Specialised TMS makes use of translation memories and CAT tools. These though helpful are simply aids and need human interference to monitor their operations. On the other hand Adaptive Machine Translation is a self learning mechanism. Neural MT teaches and judges for itself. At most, it needs post editing which will be reduced too as machine translation networks suck up more translation data with passing time.

Even though a TMS offers unified communication as opposed to unstructured work flow and connectivity in traditional translation processes, its still not better than MT for the simple reason that it does not minimise the involvement of various parties in the translation process. In other words, the workforce needed for Translation Management System however efficient it may be, is always less than the one needed for Machine Translation. This implies that the cost of the latter is less too. Now if one adds CAT tools to the process of MT, the effort and cost are depreciated even further.

Some TMS reportedly lack the complexity of workflow customization, which may be challenging for workflows that include multiple vendors and several steps in the localization process. MT though nascent, is highly dynamic and will pick up complex patterns and work if its programmed to do such stuff. In such a scenario, it does seem wise to choose a MT based process with additive Computer Assisted Tools instead of a specialized TMS. We at MoniSa Enterprises are long in the tooth when it comes to linguistics. We have scraped our brushes over both TMS and MT for years – we might be your best bet in concern with linguistic services. Try us!

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