Multilingual SEO Strategies

We are cent percent sure that one of your 2022 resolutions is to sell your products and services beyond borders of your current market. After all, business is ambition materialized into reality. Like always, we are here to help. Here’s a list of multilingual SEO strategies that can help you scale your business. Onward.

Use Hreflang to implement language-specific website display optimisation. It uses country codes to convert pages into the language that’s most spoken in a particular nation. The same can be done using a content language tag in the HTML section for search engines like Bing that do not respond to Hreflang.

Do not blatantly convert primary keywords and other SEO research findings into target languages while building a website mechanism to reach local audiences. Look for an SEO expert who’s worked with framing SEO strategies in the local language that you wish to use ang get him to help onboard.

Use a top level domain that is specific to a particular country. Say, you want to target Mexicans, your site should read as TLD’s get you noticed more in local searches.

Sometimes, location is not a correct indicator of someone’s language preference. An indian in Hawaii would get scared if Navajo scripts pop up in a luxury hotel site. Let the visitor decide his preference. Keep an option open for language selection in your international site.

If you are selling products online, make sure that the currencies are amiable to the people who want to shop. A middle class Nepali will wince at the sight of dollars under a peplum top sale thumbnail.

We have a thing for languages – our folks here have been doing websites and SEO stuff since eons. Not literally, though. But you get the idea. If you want help with Multilingial SEO and website optimisation, we are willing to bat our minds over your page for months. Give us a call, then.

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