Bible Translation Services – spotting your match

When there are hundreds of alternatives in the market, it is indeed tough to find the best one that suits your needs.
The current scenario in the world of Bible Translation Services seems a bit similar – saturated and confusing to navigate across choices.
So here are a few tips, to help you cut down time and mental resources while screening translation agencies.

Ask them – Who is your bible proofreader?

If your Bible Translation Services provider is serious about his work, he will not be using the same general proofreader he uses to scan generic ad copies.
He will look for a person who has a native level of proficiency in the resultant translated language. It is not just any textbook after all – it is the Bible! Things better be right.

Look for cohesiveness

Now, you’d tell us, what that even means. Well, in every Bible Translation Agencies there is a creation pathway – it could be something like the below two.

a.The translator interprets and completes doing so first. This then moves to the person who verifies and the document moves back and forth.
b. The translator stays in constant dialogue with the proofreader and a few native speakers – all suggestions are absorbed before translating the text. In the end when the text is translated completely, it is re-read and proofread mercilessly. Mind you, the translator has full rights to oppose and argue for why he wrote what he wrote. An environment like this is the kind that churns out well translated bible.

Analyze how the members of the translator team are – zoom into their personalities

Translating a bible is a way of transmitting God’s message to the masses. There is no scope for error. No prejudice can creep in. No agendas should be a part of this process.
This needs people who are responsible and understand the sanctity of the work thrust upon them. It is not too difficult to look for a good agency in this big universe of Bible translation services. Just listen to your heart and keep an eye for passion and detail.

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