Monthly Archives: September 2022

Hiring A Translation Agency: Everything You Need To Know

Businesses often need extra services that they do not specialize in. A biscuit factory needs transportation costs, cotton mills have extra seasonal workers, and so on. One of the most commonly outsourced services is translation content creation and data collection, all of which are usually provided in a package by a reliable translation service provider. […]

How Can Multilingual Apps Drive Customer Acquisition?

Nowadays whenever people wants to buy something or interacts with someone, or easily sends information, their first thought is going thrown an Internet site or platform. People are using social media apps to communicate, and other websites to buy their products and services. The pandemic has boosted this procedure! No wonder organizations- both private and […]

4 Ways Video Translation Can Help Your Business

The 21st-century world is diverse. Especially after the pandemic, everything is now virtual and when digital portals came along, users flooded in from every country and cultural backgrounds. The best thing about the Internet is that anyone and everyone can use it, whether they speak fluent English or not. What makes you think your video […]

Machine Translation vs Human Translation! Which is better?

Machine translation is widely preferred by multinational companies and the IT sectors, thanks to the use of the AI. But is it better than human translation? Machine translation vs Human translation Since artificial intelligence has become an important part of every industry, why not using it in your business too? This has led to many […]

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