Main Features Of Mandarin Translations And Their Use In The UK

Mandarin translations
Main features of Mandarin translations and their use in the UK

With its origin during the time of the Ming dynasty (1368-1644), Mandarin is one of the oldest and most widely spoken languages in the world. 2023 statistics show the total population of the Mandarin-speaking audience to be around 1100 million, which is approximately 12.5% of the global population. This large number is represented by a fairly large population in the UK as well, with 124,200 or around 4% of workers aged between 16-74 speaking in Mandarin. With such a large percentage of your citizens speaking in a different language, several state and private organizations have taken the lead to provide English to Mandarin translations and vice versa. 

Why is it difficult to translate Mandarin to English and vice versa?

Mandarin Chinese and English come from two different branches of linguistics, which is why it is often difficult to translate. Some of the common problems that arise are:

1. Dissimilar vocabulary:

Due to their different regions of origin, English and Mandarin have different sentence structures, syntax and most important vocabulary. It is important to emphasize upon the impact of the latter, since a dissimilar vocabulary means it is not possible to directly translate certain words, even though there are plenty of synonyms for others.

2. Localized idioms and proverbs:

Accurate mandarin translations require knowledge about the different idioms and proverbs, along with their place of origin and the reason behind usage. This is because there are several different places in China where people speak Mandarin. However, due to the cultural differences between these regions, one idiom may not have the desired effect when the content is being translated for another. 

3. Gender-decisive vocabulary:

While English does not discern between male and female speakers of the language, Mandarin does. What’s more, different words also have specific genders attached to them. If you aren’t a native Mandarin speaker, understanding and perfecting these complexities can be a big hassle.

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Where do we see the most need for Mandarin Translations in the UK?

The UK showcases a location where people of all cultures and ethnicities come together as one. Hence, it is common to see documents originally in Mandarin and other East-Asian languages. Most frequently, the types of documents that need to be translated from Mandarin to English are:

1. Legal translations:

With a tight legal framework, everyone in the UK needs to have proper papers denoting their region of citizenship, as well as other supporting documents required to enter contracts, purchase government securities and more. Migrators from China regularly encounter a need for translation services since all documents must also have a copy in the English language.

2. Business translations:

A business contract is much like a legal contract of any other nature, especially since a major tenet of all financial transactions is that both parties involved in the contract must be well aware of what is written in the contract. Yet, with a rise in the number of investors who speak English as a second language, translating business/financial documents from English to Mandarin is a need rather than a luxury. 

3. Technical translations:

With the increase in the use of technological tools in the past few years, it comes as no surprise that there will be a need for translation services to make these tools useful for everyone, irrespective of what languages people speak. A good Mandarin language translator will be able to work with different user manuals, usage instructions, assembly videos and other documents provided by the technology industry.

4. Healthcare/Medical translations:

Every human deserves access to good healthcare services which can save their life in a time of need. However, what do you do if all your medical certificates are in Mandarin? For those whose mother tongue is Mandarin Chinese, communicating with your English-speaking healthcare professional can also be a big hassle and cause for disastrous medical errors. It is easy to see why medical translation services are such a necessary industry.

5. Website translations:

To reach a global audience, localisation and website translations are a must. Since we live in an increasingly globalized economy, the need for website translation services has been on the incline. By targeting an international audience, businesses can not only increase their bottom line but also build a global brand image with credibility leveraged from accurate localisation and transcreation services.  

6. App translations:

Often you might come across a particular video game or mobile application that has been specifically designed for Mandarin users. However, in 2023, speaking a different language should not stop you. App translations from Mandarin to English and vice versa are popular because it means greater visibility in the app store and more downloads. 

7. News translations:

For those who have migrated from China to the UK or are just more comfortable reading, writing and conversing in their native language, news translations from English to Mandarin are a daily necessity. The system works the other way around as well, with those who are far from family or want to know about events back in their hometown, accessing a large part of the news articles translated from Mandarin to English.

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Where can you find a professional Mandarin translator?

Since the range of applicability for Mandarin translations is quite vast, a good Mandarin language translator must show professionalism in all situations and be aware of different dialects and synonyms which can ensure that human touch in translation services. Need only the best? Reach out to MoniSa Enterprise to connect with our team of professional translators today!

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