Importance of CAT Tools

Importance of CAT Tools
Importance of CAT Tools

Of all the translation needs, there is a difference between human translation and machine translation. We must be of the impression that machine translation is the only popular accommodation because of technological evolution. However, nothing can replace high-quality human translation from professional linguists. They often use tools known as computer-assisted translation tools for both machine and human translation services.

What are CAT Tools Translation?

A CAT tool or a computer-assisted translation tool helps linguists improve the quality of every project through a program that allows them to edit every word and phrase as per the target dialect.

In reality, the translation industry does not have a clear line of difference between machine translation and human translation. This is because both are used simultaneously, and in addition, a CAT tool assists in the translation process. With the evolution of technology, the distinct difference between online and offline platforms of CAT tools has also died down making it easier for linguists to use them simultaneously.

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Benefits of using CAT Tools Translation

Companies have always outsourced translators or used CAT tools to:

  • Generate a high return on investment
  • Achieve company objectives of localization
  • Improve website content, product or service descriptions, and translation productivity
  • Produce high-quality localized content, posts, advertisements
  • Cut costs on manually translating and editing

There are multiple other indirect advantages of CAT tools, for linguists and companies. But to understand how it can assist a translator, we must know its working and necessary features.

How do CAT Tools Translation work?

The objective is the same as that of a linguist, to provide high-quality translated content. Here are its few features:

Translation editor

This is the most important component of the interface that enables other translation tools mentioned below. 

Translation memory

It records information and stores it in the language or backup memory that can be used later for references. The bilingual database can often come in handy and consequently reduce the time required to translate.

Spell checker

It offers a dynamic experience with some extra features to deliver error-free content. Translators would only have to proofread and make my new changes.

Terminology management

It might not be present in a free CAT tool, but every premium one has a terminology management feature that stores and updates the glossary list in every language. It includes and categorizes words according to their meaning and genre of usage or a vocabulary list of commonly used words for this industry type.

Parsing files

Despite having very few parsing options, it is possible to format some technical files with CAT tools automatically.

Translation collaboration

In some organizations, like MoniSa enterprise, we don’t just have a few linguists, we have an entire team of professional translators who find themselves working together for better coordination, specialization, and high-quality translation. Hence, the collaboration feature is important allowing a slack like instant messaging feature.

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Importance of Linguists using CAT Tools Translation

Linguists don’t only translate phrases and words, they have to maintain a list of glossaries, edit content and simultaneously observe whether the meaning changes. Let’s see how they can benefit from using CAT tools:


Planning and organizing where to start translating from and how to proofread is almost impossible without CAT tools. It helps in planning how much of the project is remaining, which portions have already been edited and a record of every step. Not keeping a track of translated content leads to low-quality content.

Maintain consistency

Consistency is one of the most integral parts of every translation process. they need to ensure that no portions are repeated and that every word or phrase translated matches the source language and means the same. CAT tools help recognize even the slightly similar sentences that were accidentally included.

Text formatting

Formatting is a lengthy process that can sometimes take up to weeks, even with a CAT tool. This means complete customization and personalization, where the translator is required to maintain of formatting type as requested by the client. A CAT tool can format and edit all kinds of files, whether it is in Excel sheets, Word documents, or PowerPoint.


To improve the consistency of translated documents, linguists spend a lot of time aligning the reference or sample text with the translated document. When done manually, they might miss some matches and include or exclude information. CAT tools help create a side-by-side reference sheet to make the work quick and easy.

Automatic backup

No one likes losing a project they have worked hard on, CAT tools not only record the translated documents but also every edit or change made so that the linguist can trackback modifications and undo them. Working on corrections is convenient when there is an automatic backup.

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Our linguists at MoniSa Enterprise use every source possible, whether it is an online or offline platform of CAT tools translation, to achieve the goals of every client. Additionally, we also provide translation, web development, and content creation services that might be useful in achieving localization goals for your organization.

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