How Can Multilingual Apps Drive Customer Acquisition?

How Can Multilingual Apps Drive Customer Acquisition?

Nowadays whenever people wants to buy something or interacts with someone, or easily sends information, their first thought is going thrown an Internet site or platform. People are using social media apps to communicate, and other websites to buy their products and services. The pandemic has boosted this procedure!

No wonder organizations- both private and public have started availing of website localization services.

Advantages of a Multilingual web application

Here are the key benefits of creating a multilingual application or website;

  • Bulk translation expenses for any website or app are cost-effective
  • Increase consumer downloads and usage of your website
  • Boost application ranking and create a brand image
  • Improving global search engine optimization ranking and traffic
  • Maintain a global presence in both domestic and international markets
  • Gathering more customer data
  • Increases overall performance and production rate of your organization by generating more traffic

The focus is on localization, not internationalization

Most organizations, even multinational ones, tend to use these terms synonymously but the process differs. Localization is the process through which internationalization is possible. Hence, your company might focus on increasing the number of consumers and the amount of time they spend on a website through translation and localization software so that the final goal of internationalization could be reached.

According to recent surveys, 1% of consumers spend a lot of time on applications on websites in their native language, and 4% of consumers will buy a product if it has multilingual options and descriptions in their desired language. Now you know how much of a difference it makes to localize your app!

Here at MoniSa Enterprise, we focus on providing companies with both human and software localization services. We save you time and offer you exactly what you need, with some extra services and benefits.

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