Importance of Localization

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Importance of Localization

This world is full of varied products and services, with a sea of unending wants. With wants, the production and consumption of everything have also increased over the past few decades, and if there is one thing that people need to market and consume more- it is localization.

If you look around, you will realize that things are made according to the preferences of a region. We buy commodities available, and we are comfortable using them in our language, as per experience, cultural relevance, etc. Companies use localization services to market these. According to reports, since only 5% of the total world population uses English, they are more likely to use and support products and services in their language, but translation and localization are not used synonymously.

By Localization, we mean;

  • Adapt to regional dialects, languages, phrases, and informal tones.
  • Use technical and non-technical local words.
  • Being culturally, socially, and politically accurate.

The number of localization services maydiffer. We need them for advertisements, videos, social media posts, brand face slogans, and so much more.

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Benefits of localization services:

1. Consumer loyalty

Every person likes to visit the website and read in detail about everything they buy and interact with. Linguistics is an important factor that truly matters. As per research, 60% non-English speakers who have a different native language prefer reading and interacting with things available in the language of their preference.

By localizing, you build customer loyalty. In turn, the key performance indicator sees a positive change and shows a considerable correlation leading to the achievement of reset business goals.

This happens because localization helps in:

  • Improving customer experience.
  • Generating revenue and leads.
  • Ranking high as per search engine optimization.
  • The comparatively low attrition rate.

2. Easy brand promotion

Promoting a brand is a complicated task when a company wants objectives realized only through one-language advertisements. There is no point in putting up English posters in a region where people understand only Marathi. Hence, people localize and use catchy entertaining tones in the regional dialect.

3. Segmentation

Customization and segmentation of cultural differences get easy to apply with the help of localization services. They don’t need to employ individuals- outsourcing has now made it possible for companies to enjoy the benefits of localization without making permanent commitments to it.

4. Market share

When a company can diversify and offer more content to the customers, the audience base automatically increases because even non-native English speakers become genuinely interested. This leads to a direct increase in the market share of a company. An increased market share means more potential to achieve greater revenue, sales, and lead goals.

5. Better return on investment

Every company wishes to invest a considerable amount that they feel can generate a high return on investment. When brands are limited to only one region or country, the return on investment targeted is much lower but by localizing content they can generate an extra 30% ROI.

6. Cost-effective

Some companies are under the impression that localization services might be expensive because they need to be mostly outsourced. Then observed, comparing the costs of localization are initially covered by the extra return on investment and the extra income generation which is a direct result of localization itself. Hence, it is a long-term one-time investment with only a few changes for maintaining the translated website and content. When companies wish to maintain localization services, long-term plans are also available that create a diversified and strong brand image.

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How helpful are localization services?

Statistically, only 50% of the people on the Internet can understand English and read or write it. By localizing, we increase the probability of these customers buying and remaining loyal to one company. They might be helpful in many ways, but is the opportunity cost of trusting someone with your localization needs worth the effort and costs?

Let us take a case study example to understand how helpful localization services are.

  • Case study example of localization services: Netflix

We all love Netflix and its streaming services. It is available in multiple languages with subtitles, voice-overs, and innovative advertisements. They use MT and Human Translation simultaneously. Without the localization efforts of its team members, and many other outsourced freelancers, it would have been impossible for this streaming service to be so popular.

One of its best features is the localized home page that customizes highly recommended and frequently watched movies and TV shows for users. people feel comfortable browsing the application. Over the past few years, it has increased the number of localized contents that it produces, although it is popular for American streaming shows and movies. It is the more reason why to appreciate Netflix!


We are the structural and functional unit of every company, whether it is an entertainment, official, or other diversified product. Our team at MoniSa Enterprise specializes in all types of localization services that can help you become as competitive in the market as possible and give you a global stand by customizing your content as per your user base.

To join the diversifying movement, get in touch with us today for a free quote!

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