Software and app localization or testing is necessary for every organization to rise in rank in any global market.

At MoniSa Enterprise, we perform every service to quality check data after translation, ensuring it performs necessary globalization and localization functions.

According to the marketing decisions and audience base, our multi-linguistic analysts and software specialists combine forces to translate and maintain all quality standards before submitting the final product to our clients. It is the last and most integral step in the translation and localization processes.



Localization is another word for globalization, but more specifically.

Like individuals marketing in different sectors, communities and economies, the software is also required to adapt to changes. Did you know that all the interactions on websites are not assisted by individuals only? Software gets the job done. But it also needs software localization service to improve the experience of an end user. 

More than 50% increase in Internet users during the pandemic has accelerated website and mobile app localization services since people who have never used applications are now joining it by a compulsion to carry on their business, meet new people, and follow the path of global digitalization.  

Putting it simply, software localization translation is not the only thing involved, it needs changes in other elements like the graphics, page design, features, and so much more for the target user to feel comfortable and natural using an app or website. 

At MoniSa Enterprise, we can provide translation and localization software services to enhance your and your users’ experience, expand your target audience base and drive in more traffic. For extras, you might want to check out our data collection, AI, and content creation services.


MoniSa Enterprise has a certificate of quality to guarantee premium quality for all localization and linguistic services.

Clients need this assurance- we allow them to trust us by performing quality checks, data authentication, and compromises to detect and fix inconsistencies. Every content goes through a ten-step process, supervised by experienced and professional linguistic experts to prepare the localized or translated content that suits the content required for the target market.



If you already have those, a localization testing service might be able to verify why and why not your website generates the targeted traffic. We do it because:

  • It expands your application and business potential when localizing to new countries overseas.
  • Allows you to go global.
  • Engage with more customers from smaller communities.
  • Participation in the global market.

Our extensive services are proof and validation of all of our strategies, check out our website and get a quote today!