What Do Localisation Services Do?

Localisation services are agencies who change different aspects of your business in such manner and method that you or your products become more visible or easy to deal with for a certain targeted customer segment.Only 6 in 10 businesses now use localisation although surveys indicate that in the future, every fourth customer will look to […]

3 Things You Did Not Know About Christian Translation Services

Have you ever wondered about why the Biryani cooked by the Nizam’s cooks in Lucknow will always stay above any other biryani in the world? Well, because they invented it. Same is the story for Christian Translation services – they are the cream in the pot because they invented the whole idea of food in […]

Bible Translation Services – spotting your match

When there are hundreds of alternatives in the market, it is indeed tough to find the best one that suits your needs.The current scenario in the world of Bible Translation Services seems a bit similar – saturated and confusing to navigate across choices.So here are a few tips, to help you cut down time and […]

How To Choose A Translation Service Provider?

Well, for starters that is a highly subjective question? For example, if you are looking to translate a book, you might be okay with a not-so-tech-savvy translation service provider, Book translators are literature lords and they’d prefer books over keyboards mostly. But if you need to translate a high volume of web pages, real fast, […]

How To Use Translation To Elevate Your Brand

We all know that digital marketing can push up your brand. We also know that strong sales can make then super rich. These are obvious ones. But here’s a non obvious thing. Translation can help you with marketing too. After all, translation and marketing are both used to achieve one common goal – reach improvement. […]

Multilingual SEO Strategies

We are cent percent sure that one of your 2022 resolutions is to sell your products and services beyond borders of your current market. After all, business is ambition materialized into reality. Like always, we are here to help. Here’s a list of multilingual SEO strategies that can help you scale your business. Onward. Use […]

Translation Management System VS Machine Translation – The two horns of a dilemma

Do you ever wonder if you should go for a Specialised TMS or prefer the more recent MT based language processing pathway? We agree, its a tough choice. And its full of a lot of technical nitwits. But we would choose human translation anyday – after all, what could be better than the alchemical result […]

Translation – Humans vs AI.

Do you remember Shakuntala Devi? She could multiply two thirteen digit numbers faster than a computer. Allow us to show you another instance of a human vs computer battle that might seem more relatable to your millenial soul. This one is being fought between Human Translation and Machine Translation. The former term refers to translation […]

Google introduces Translatotron 2: An End-to-End Speech-to-Speech Translation Model

Google introduces a new version of their Translatotron, that is Translatotron 2 in July 2021. Speech-to-text translation systems are developing at a fast pace over the last several decades, with one goal in mind: helping people communicate to each other around the globe, despite of the language difference. In April 2019, Google introduced a “Direct […]

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