Translation services are more than converting text from one language to another. It is interpreting human relations and encouraging regional, and cultural understanding of true professional solutions.

MoniSa enterprise was a direct outcome of talents and needs.

Translation service

With great dedication to the work, our team of professionals consists of in-house and in-country translators in diversified parts of the world to give a complete customized service. Customer satisfaction is an utmost priority for us. Language and cultural differences should not hinder development. We help industries, business organizations, independent firms, and government organizations too, with unmatched translation and related services.

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Our company has a streamlined translation process, with nine steps to do it. The responsibility of a final translated product is not over at delivery- our services extend beyond the delivery.

At MoniSa Enterprise, every step is looked over by a professional. The key factor here is management. Gone are those days of pushing behind thousands of files and papers, sitting and working all day before deadlines.

We categorize, organize, research, and seek professional advice to structure the right way of providing high-quality translation services. But wait, that’s just four steps! There are six more that deal with quality checks. Our translation methodology gets rechecked- this is a grade assurance in general where every technical research and source relation is drawn out.

Our clients are an important part of the translation process too- they proofread, provide feedback, and allow us to give a complete quality check. For the last step, on our behalf, we learn better ways to guarantee complete consumer satisfaction.


Have you ever tried translating a sentence? Does the depth of your voice, girth, mnemonics, and tone portray the same emotions in the translated sentence? This is a tricky part of linguistics.

Giving out the same expressions to generate the same emotion but in a different language is a work of art that only professionals are capable of pulling off.

Every linguist in our team goes through a five-step selection process. It is a measure on our behalf to make these linguists not only an asset to the company but a long-term professionals who can help every client out. Language skill interpretation, experience, subject matter knowledge on not only particular languages but also it’s market and technical understanding, ability to work with a team and with deadlines, and sufficient availability.

All our linguist experts are selected based on native language fluency too. They are individuals with a natural admiration towards linguistic services and pay attention to detail not-for-profit terms but to see individuals and companies thrive by making localization possible for them.



Whether it is a document or an entire volume, you cannot make any sense of it if it is an unknown language.

 Most individuals are lucky bilingual, trilingual or multilingual who can easily read and write in other languages, and translate documents to English. Imagine the hardships one has to go through with no linguistic expanse. 

 Even with the perfect set of skills, a company will fail to put out quality products without a capable document language translator. This is the age of outsourcing, and organizations should use such services.

 Our document translation services are for those who want to economically solve language problems without allocating a specific budget in their organization to hire a translator. At MoniSa Enterprise, professional vocabulary enthusiasts have been in the field of translation business for years, going through a range of documents and translating them word by word in the same tone and comprehension.

We can provide services for:

  • Birth certificate translation
  • E-notes and learning translation
  • Legal document translation
  • School certificate/ Scholarship or Award of appreciation translation
  • Marriage certificate translation
  • Driver license translation
  • Terms and Conditions/ Brochure translation
  • Medical document translation
  • Notary public translation
  • Bank statement translation

From our point of experience, we have availed official document translation services for thousands of MNCs and firms, and individuals by specializing in 205 languages. The next time you have a document you cannot read or summarize, hand it over for services from certified linguistic experts!


A certificate holds great value when registered and accounted for by valuable resources. We not only have a standardization for our company but also certified translators to source professionally curated services.

Yet, what use is of a certificate of quality if not for a good cause?

MoniSa Enterprise is a certified translation company, approved with an ISO certificate as a test of genuine quality, and GALA community participation on a global level. Over the years, we have successfully worked with and delivered for more than 2000 happy clients, including 2000 Christian clients for more than a decade, starting in 2006.

Our certified English translation services are available for;

  • Brands (National & International)
  • Influencers
  • Business firms, Organizations, Companies 
  • Products & Services
  • Media 
  • Private, Public & Govt. Organizations

The in-house team has participated in certified translation services in 50 million words to the least. Besides this, we have also completed one 25,000 minutes of video dubbing and creation with other web content services for localization, e-learning, website creation, and marketing. Although language interpretation is our main marketed area of expertise, our company is into software and app localization or testing with other multimedia studio solutions

certified translation services


Patent translation is the foundation for protecting organizations and individuals. Similar to our company, MoniSa Enterprise, many trusted businesses rely on patented legal rights.

Before we understand how a patent translation works, we must beware of what variations of a patent might exist. Don’t leave yet- get to know how we are of use to you!

A patent is a reserved exclusive right people, groups, or companies are granted when they legally have the right to their idea, experimentation, or invention. It could be technical, medical, mechanical, or any learned field. Lucky for you, we can combine medical interpreter certification and patent services for the best outcomes!

An individual with profound skills to build and create ideas and concepts or establish experimented devices useful to society might not be great in their vocabulary or linguistic skills. Although English is a widely accepted language, it is not compulsory. Not many people with patents are capable of translating them into other languages to diversify their projects. This is where MoniSa Enterprise, a reliable patent translation agency, comes in to help you establish information and translate it into the required languages.

Patent translation services allow the expansion of business organizations. In some circumstances, you can also depend on us for patent verification, identifying the range through which it can be legally used, areas for confidential publishing or release, and renewals. Help the world change with your ideas and resources, rely on patent translation services, and benefit growth and development all around the world.


“For nothing will be impossible with God” Luke 1:37

We are here to make everything possible- our Christian translation services are passionate about bringing together people with similar faith.

Holy scriptures are meant to be translated with complete attention to detail. True Christian faith is restored and maintained by proper Bible study. At MoniSa Enterprise, we don’t just translate verses and lecture on the Christian faith, we work with monasteries, missionaries, Christian institutions, and dedicated individuals to spread the word of God. As is rightfully said, he who spreads the word of God spreads joy.

You can now find new ways to discover and learn about the Lord in every corner of the world, in every language. If you think your linguistics is something getting in your faith, we are here to erase those barriers. Have faith in us as you have devotion in your scriptures, for our quality translation services are proof in itself- we will help encourage your trust in religion.


Arabic influence, in general, and vocabulary terms were first observed in the early 10th century. It peaked at its zenith in the 14th century, and since then, the need for Arabic Translation Services has been rising.

As stated in the 1963 constitution, the Arabs find a single identity in their religion and language, with this statement that Arab is the official and national state language. It was a natural choice made by Algerians.

ABS or Arabization services work following professional translators. 

Arabization translation services at MoniSa Enterprises secure the following;

  • Accurate flow and conversion of message from any other language to Arabic (vice versa, on request as per requirement)
  • Enhancing quality of interaction and communication to aid brand/business promotion
  • Influence presence on social media, impact the target audience
  • Fill cultural and language gap

You can now promote media, the national education system, and government procedures; and foster company development in the Arabic language. We can also state it as a language shift to the non-Arab populations because of growing Arab influence. This is the exact definition of localization.

MoniSa Enterprise offers elaborate and comprehensive translation and localization services for businesses, organizations, agencies, and individual clients as an Arabize translation company. We promote the growth of multilingual services with a profound translation agency with an established presence in multiple sectors and regions of the world. It is this presence that allows us to specialize in translation and transcription services with complete fluency.


The world is changing, and so translation requirements are with its procedures.

In a global situation, with the industrial revolution taking off in the early 16th century, we expected every product and service to be digitalized by the 20th one. Phrase-based machine translation services have also seen a similar turn. Now, almost every translation company uses it for bulk work!

This is why we strive to improve the efficiency of our professionals, not only through personalized services of a human translator but also through improved MT (Machine Translation) technology standards for more accessible, faster, and up-to-the-mark outcomes.

The benefit of using MT technology is the volume of work that we can generate in a short period. Although our team of translators can put out the same bulk of work with complete accuracy, the MT technology is used for specialized services on a priority basis

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The best free CAT Tools are not truly free, they come with the cost of improper translation standards. Worry not! Our team goes through every document, patent, and translated content as a quality check.

Specialization does not come from simple years of training and experience in diverse fields of translation. It also depends on the usability of available resources and the choice of resources for a quality setting. Best free CAT tools for translators are what enable us to do this.

However, every professional translator at MoniSa Enterprise relies on five integral CAT tools- Alignment software to build a translation memory and use registered sources for the same translation, memory software to arrange work into segments, and language search engine software to understand the accuracy of translation on the large database.

  • Vocabulary Memory
  • Terminology management software for keyword or term search
  • Interactive translation machine for portability in use or registering of translated data regarding how a person would phrase the final documents.

All these are available at memoq translation too, but what makes us unique? The extra assistance and added utilities with our services for complete localization- In short, a one-stop shop!

At MoniSa Enterprise, we use similar tools to specialize in linguistics. It improves our rate of efficiency and accuracy. The alignment scale is up to the mark for every document, video, audio, or article assigned to us. Besides free CAT tools for translators, we narrow-down content specific tools to deliver only the best.

Individual translations can have miss checks because humans make mistakes; however, CAT tools translation is the ultimate source of perfection for producing standardized outputs that are guaranteed 100% accurate in vocabulary terms and expressions when read out loud.