Consecutive interpretation enables simultaneous data sharing without being interrupted.

At MoniSa Enterprise, we provide interpretation services for academic seminars, court trials, medical conferences, business negotiations, and press conferences. Our job is to aggregate a network of consecutive interpreting translators from Asia and Europe. For every interpretation we are assigned, we show quality and professionalism with 100% accuracy.


Real-time interpretation is alternatively known as simultaneous interpretation to allow an audience to perceive information from the video as well as captions.

Experts at MoniSa Enterprise perform word-by-word simultaneous interpretation. They have subject matter and linguistic expertise and interpret and present information in an understandable language without changing the meaning of given content. You can make your professional videos available in your native language to capture a wide audience base with simultaneous interpretation.


Interpretation services for business organizations must be to the point, factual, and informative. Companies prefer a conference interpretation to elevate the experience of business presentations.

Well suited for traveling entrepreneurs, a conference interpretation ensures complete disclosure of information inside the organization. You can now rely on MoniSa Enterprise to get the job of subtitling and interpreting done. Businessmen have a lot of domestic and international conferences to deal with, attend important meetings and allow us to take care of your interpretation needs.

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OPI (Over phone interpretation) services are in high demand to put down and record information in every sector.

At MoniSa Enterprise we assist government organizations, medical emergencies, international immigration assistance, legal assistance, telecom industries, IT-related complaints, and multinational or individual companies with subject-level expertise and OPI. You can apply for as many as 250 language interpretations. All information is fact-checked and backed by reliable resources after and before interpretation to guarantee quality services and 100% accuracy.



LES (Limited English Speakers) have a limit to receiving and perceiving information. A VRI (Video Remote Interpretation) diversifies information, to support LES and other individuals who need interpretation support.

Our linguistic experts at MoniSa enterprise have the common goal of removing language barriers faced by people. We empower individuals with limited knowledge- of medical, legal, and other content-based informational requirements through Video Remote interpretation. We are also backed by relevant terminologies to cross-check before submitting interpreted data.