82% of Internet users increase their consumption of online videos in 2022.

This is the digital era visual data consumption is the way of life in every sector. A global market operates with website solutions that involve multimedia graphics, strategic digital marketing, and entertainment content.

At MoniSa Enterprise, we deliver personalized multimedia and studio solutions for companies to market their products and services in 205 languages. We draw a pool of linguistic experts and deliver translation services as a multimedia resource.


Translating with style and relevance requires voice over services and dubbing.

As a professional translation-based company, MoniSa Enterprise offers

  • Transcription,
  • Subtitling,
  • Dubbing,
  • Lip synchronization,
  • Professional Voice over services,
  • Narratives as text,
  • visual and auditory material 

in 230+ languages. We ensure sound and text quality over videos and multimedia.

With the coordination of a qualified team, resourced from all over Asia and Europe to add the native-language touch, every voice over artist has contributed to successfully aiding 2000 happy clients, many from among the Christian community and industrial sector. Our diversity in working with people of different professions through a wide range of languages defines our service quality.

Localization is our specialization; unlike other voice over services companies, we offer a complete set of services, so you don’t have the hassle of resourcing. Let the team at MoniSa Enterprise get the job done! 


Although used synonymously, voice over and video dubbing services are different. 

Alternatively, voice dubbing is also known as language replacement, where the original speaker’s voice is edited out by the voice dubbing services provider. It might sound like an easy cut-and-paste task, but artists work minutely in precision to ensure the words are synchronized even though a different language is being spoken. Great care to match the tone and emotions too.

MoniSa Enterprise is one such dubbing service provider, mainly focussing on localization and translation. We have in-house and outsourced linguistic experts to match 250 + languages and dub in the same.

Our specialization lies in audio dubbing services, video dubbing, transcription, voice overs, captioning and re-typing. These are just subtitling-related services; you might want to check out our website for more localization options.

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Subtitling or closed captioning services are an important audiovisual translation marketing tool, encouraging and engaging with users through audio and visual mediums.

At MoniSa Enterprise, we gather resources and synchronize subtitles in an error-free manner while adapting to the emotions and original text portrayed. Video subtitling services need extreme precision maintenance to ensure every caption is on the perfect time stamp- our team can do it better with CAT tools and years of experience in subtitling!

We offer subtitles for;

  • Youtube closed-captioning services
  • Instagram/ Facebook/ LinkedIn and other SMP closed caption videos

Closed captioning companies must have native speakers. A local dialect is unique, and to subtitle promptly, the character count has to be maintained in a selected language. Our linguistic professionals and the team of certified translation experts upscale your video by adding subtitles with SEO and quality readability.

By availing of video captioning services, you encourage cultural diversity, localization, and an evil expanding global stand.


Transcription services for production, sales, seminars, legal and medical interpretation, interviews, webinars, and educational content boosts the production cycle of industries.

Whether you need personal medical translation services or professional legal translation services, we are here for the range of work our linguistic team can deliver.  

Our transcription services online include:

  • Phonetic transcription.
  • Edited transcription.
  • Verbatim transcription.
  • Intelligent verbatim transcription. 

Converting audio files into text is now made easy with audio transcription services. We can transcribe academic research, interview recordings, and even voice calls to deliver a ready-to-read and publish the document.

 Online transcription companies offer translation of posts, text, and video subtitles to help SEO ranking. At MoniSa Enterprise, our transcriptor team also performs market research and optimizes content for eLearning, industry-specific website content, journalists, multimedia content, and medical and legal documents. It enables visibility and availability of data for multicultural marketing. 

For the best transcription services, get in touch with us! Make sure you go through our other localization offers for a complete set

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An economical way to localize content is by re-typing. Its services facilitate communication by structuring business models around cultural acceptance through translation.

We have native translators at MoniSa Enterprise to support a brand with 230+ unique languages to edit and create multimedia or text documents through retyping services. You can prioritize budgeted areas and still pursue a global rank wait for translation and localization services.