Monthly Archives: September 2021

Google introduces Translatotron 2: An End-to-End Speech-to-Speech Translation Model

Google introduces a new version of their Translatotron, that is Translatotron 2 in July 2021. Speech-to-text translation systems are developing at a fast pace over the last several decades, with one goal in mind: helping people communicate to each other around the globe, despite of the language difference. In April 2019, Google introduced a “Direct […]

Netflix introduces timed text authoring Lineage An initiative to streamline subtitling and dubbing

Netflix, the mammoth platform where users watch shows, movies and more, is the ultimate source of entertainment. Netflix offers a variety of options to their viewers, from dubbed audio to various subtitles in a different language. It is an attempt by Netflix to be more inclusive and make their videos more accessible to the users. […]

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