How To Calculate The True Cost Of Interpretation Services For Your Business

How To Calculate The True Cost Of Interpretation Services For Your Business
How To Calculate The True Cost Of Interpretation Services For Your Business

Cost Of Interpretation Services: In the fast-paced, advanced world, no business is behind the race with their innovative ideas to stay up with the trends. Any brand failing to keep up with globalisation would certainly not last long in the market. However, business can always stay a step ahead and make communication ever simplified – networking better with an audience on a global scale. For this, they would need interpretation services. Since a large organisation must have diverse groups working together, they must also frequently need an efficient flow of communication at all levels to promote diversity and inclusivity. Whether to remain close-knit inside a business environment or to simply promote their brand better, Interpretation services never go out of date.

In this article, we will bring up points to discuss how necessary and irreplaceable interpretation services can be.

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What are the factors that can influence the cost of interpretation services?

What are the factors that can influence the cost of interpretation services?
What are the factors that can influence the cost of interpretation services?

While interpretation is a part of the language industry, professional services are often charged on different parameters, since interpretation is a time-specific and sometimes concurrent task, unlike translation and localisation. Certain factors that play a role in pricing are

Language pair

Interpretation services for a common language pair, such as English-Spanish, may be less expensive than interpretation services for a less common language pair, such as Nepali-Swedish.

Type of interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation services, which are often used for conferences and large events, are generally more expensive than consecutive interpretation services, which are commonly used for business meetings and legal proceedings.

Cost Of Interpretation Services Duration

A two-hour interpretation assignment may cost less than an eight-hour interpretation assignment since the latter would require multiple interpreters and longer working hours.

Industry-specific knowledge

An interpreter with specialised knowledge in the legal industry may increase the cost of interpretation services more than a general interpreter due to their knowledge of legal terminology and procedures.


If you require interpretation services on short notice or within a tight deadline, they may have to pay a premium for expedited service.


The Interpretation services provided in New York City might be more expensive than those provided in a smaller city, due to the higher cost of living and demand for services.

Equipment needed 

If a client requires simultaneous interpretation services, the cost will include the rental and set-up of specialised equipment such as booths, headsets, and microphones.

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Pricing Unit Simplified: Professional Interpretation Services

Pricing Unit Simplified: Professional Interpretation Services
Pricing Unit Simplified: Professional Interpretation Services

Professional interpretation services can be availed from freelancers, registered language service providers or even hired directly on a contractual basis. Different agencies tend to charge different prices, but there is a method to calculate the final expense. Here are some commonly used measures of pricing units

Per-minute pricing

Consider you need a medical interpreter to interpret a doctor’s appointment for them. A freelancer may charge $2 per minute of interpretation, and the appointment lasts 30 minutes, that’s $60 for final services.

Hourly pricing

Just like the per-minute pricing, hourly rates could be for slightly lengthier or time-consuming processes. For example, if the cost of an interpretation service is $1000 per hour, for 5 hours it is $5000 (often when hiring in bulk, companies might negotiate for discounts).

Flat-rate pricing

When looking for high-quality live interpretation services, the interpreter charges a flat rate of $150 for the entire meeting, which is expected to last 2 hours. You’ll be charged a total of $150 for the interpretation services, regardless of whether the meeting runs longer or shorter than expected.

Per-word pricing

Let’s say you need a document translated from English to Spanish. The translation provider charges 10 cents per word, and the document contains 1,000 words. You can be charged $100 for the translation services, and more if you need some specific formatting.

Project-based pricing

You might need a professional to translate multiple documents and provide interpreting services for several meetings related to a project they are working on. The translation provider charges a fixed fee of $5,000 for the entire project, for the entire translation and interpreting services needed for the project.

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How to cut down the cost of interpretation services? 

How to cut down the cost of interpretation services?
How to cut down the cost of interpretation services?

Professional interpretation services can cost a lot, but what if you don’t want to spend that much? Here are some ways to reduce the cost of hiring professional services

Plan to cost of interpretation services

If you know that you will need interpretation services for a specific event or meeting, try to book the services well in advance. Some interpretation providers offer discounts for bookings made in advance.

Competitive pricing from the provider

Do some research and compare the pricing of different interpretation providers. Look for providers that offer competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of their services

Use remote interpretation services

Video or phone interpretation can often be less expensive than in-office ones because of how much time the interpreters save on travelling, accommodation, etc. They are also client-bound by physically travelling to offer their services, remote services give them more freedom to gain better experience in diverse fields.

Use a provider that offers membership or subscription

Some interpretation providers offer membership or subscription plans, which can provide discounts on the cost of interpretation services.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How can I reduce the cost of interpretation services for my business?

You can try to negotiate the cost of any type of interpretation service, however, it is not considered very professional. Experts are already reasonable with the prices they offer because of how complicated projects can be, given their skill set and experience level.

What are the types of interpretation services?

Simultaneous interpretation and consecutive interpretation are the two major categories of interpretation. Simultaneous interpretation is used for live events, where the interpreter translates the speaker’s words simultaneously. Consecutive interpretation is suitable for slow events where the interpreter has enough time due to more pauses in the speech.

Can I use machine translation instead of interpretation services?

You can, but you cannot rely on it since it is not 100% accurate. It is just a literary translation that does not completely showcase the same emotions as in the original text.

What qualifications to look for in an interpreter?

Experience, Feedback and ratings, history of projects the professional has worked on, and certifications from places like the American Translators Association (ATA) are some necessary qualifications.

What kind of interpretation services should I avoid?

You should avoid interpreters who are complete freshers with no association with any organisation, and no freelance experience too. Also beware of the two extremes in pricing- too high or too low, as they can turn out to be scams.

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