Monthly Archives: December 2022

Game Localization And Why Is It Important Now?

Remember those times in the early 2000s when our only source of mobile phone gaming entertainment was the snake and ladder game on Nokia mobile phones? For PC users, life might have been a little different with a variety of video games available, one of the most popular ones being Grand Theft Auto, Mario & […]

Translating YouTube Videos Can Increase Viewers And Revenue

Are you one of those people who mindlessly scroll through YouTube videos and shorts regularly? Even if you aren’t, one of the 2.29 billion YouTube users, do it every day. As per popular demand, PewDiePie, Tseries, 5-minute crafts, Mr beast, and Like Nastya are some famous YouTubers. However, content isn’t the only thing that made […]

Effect of AI on Localization Now a Days

Expand your Possibilities and venture into a limitless world with the influence of AI on Localization.  Before venturing, let us be fluent with traditional translation and localization; and its transformation to digital adaptation via AI Localization. Traditional localization has been refined over the years with advanced techniques. It is the method of localizing any language, […]

Why is Open AI & its latest release ChatGPT 3.5 a Game Changer?

Artificial intelligence is not just a talk of the era- it is the future in which digital advancement and intelligence are headed. The world is better interpreted through artificial intelligence and machine-based understanding, engineered to carry on error-free processes with a human-like capacity to perceive. Of all technological awakenings, the introduction of Open AI is […]

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