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Translation Management System VS Machine Translation – The two horns of a dilemma

Do you ever wonder if you should go for a Specialised TMS or prefer the more recent MT based language processing pathway? We agree, its a tough choice. And its full of a lot of technical nitwits. But we would choose human translation anyday – after all, what could be better than the alchemical result […]

Translation – Humans vs AI.

Do you remember Shakuntala Devi? She could multiply two thirteen digit numbers faster than a computer. Allow us to show you another instance of a human vs computer battle that might seem more relatable to your millenial soul. This one is being fought between Human Translation and Machine Translation. The former term refers to translation […]

How to Localize assets: A Start

A language is a powerful tool. Infamous words of Federico Fellini, A different language is a different vision of life. Localization is the process of adapting a resource or product to meet the needs of a certain location. Localizing your materials entails making essential adjustments to current information to ensure that it is understandable to […]

Localization – Diversity, and Inclusion

Language is an undeniable power that can shape our reality. Be it Sci-fit or academics, the language carries a weapon of change. Our languages carry the histories of generations, yet it changes as time flies. So, what does localization have to do with it? Let us understand an example of a classic language, Latin. The […]