MoniSa offers Interpretation Services

MoniSa offers Interpretation Services
MoniSa offers Interpretation Services

Presently we can say that the entire world population speaks approximately 7,139 languages. Of this, we find different videos, audio, and other forms of media on the Internet in various languages. In some languages, there are different dialects and subcategories of phrase preferences.
Before we understand and read about the types of Available interpretation services, let’s learn what it is with the help of an example.

What are interpretation services?

When a team of linguists comes together to verbally translate a given form of media in presentations, office videos, documentaries, or series; it is called interpretation. In short- translating content and adding it into a different language is known as interpreting. 

For example, an international meeting with team members from all over the world might not be fluent in English since they belong to two different cultural backgrounds. It might be difficult for them to understand and comprehend information to make the right decisions. An interpretation services can fix this problem.

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Types of interpretation services:

Corporations and organizations, both private and public, might need interpreting services for phone-based or video-based calls, conversations, or medical and legal proceedings. Depending on the requirement, we can further be categorized into four types:

Consecutive Interpretation

Used for small businesses or private organizations, consecutive interpretation services are available in two or a few more languages. It takes place consecutively, or one after the other, where the interpreter is allowed to translate the language used in real time after the speaker is done.

Consecutive interpretation truly brings out the qualities of a linguist because they have to not only remember to translate everything word by word but also pile information and organize the minute-long speeches in complete fluency. They need to be quick, without delaying, thinking about how they can phrase some statements. A good interpreter takes a few seconds or none at all before they explain the same content in the target language.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is the next level of consecutive interpretation because here, the delay between the original content and the translated or interpreted content is 30 seconds at the most. The interpreter must be accurate and focused to convert a speech to a given audience simultaneously, while the speaker is still talking. Simultaneous interpretation usually happens in the United Nations organization since it has 193 participating countries, all members speaking a different language.

Travel Interpretation

The pandemic was a difficult time for us, where travel interpretation services availed were minimal. But now, since things are back to normal, the requirement for escort or travel interpreting has also increased.

People like to live to their fullest when on vacations, visiting different shops and restaurants, and trying to communicate with groups of people to get the authentic feeling of being in that country. Even for corporate workers who participate in many business meetings, it is common to avail travel interpretation. These are private custom services that act as a cultural guide to help people visiting different countries understand their language.

OTP (Over-the-phone) Interpretation

There are multiple forms of over-the-phone interpretation, and the type of experience and interpreter needs also differ, for example, some people might need official phone calls or video call meetings with the requirement for over-the-phone interpretation, and others might want help in assisting their clients who don’t understand the language.

These are the most in-demand services for business organizations because most corporate meetings are incomplete without an interpretation. Businessmen aren’t fluent in many languages, and they might land themselves up in a pickle with their limited language proficiency. A quick on-hand available service with their regular interpreter makes the job much easier.

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Benefits of using Interpretation Services 

Translators and linguists work hard to bring together communities through their interpreting qualities. They are skilled and trained professionals specializing in speaking the source language for a target group or audience. 

Your organization can benefit from such services in the following ways:

  1. Improved Globalization and Localization tactics
  2. Bridges the gap among communities
  3. Improves customer loyalty and reliability in the organization
  4. Assistance in solving cases or presenting them in the court of law by interpreting the constitution
  5. Assistance in medical cases
  6. Educational benefits and ease of participating in academic activities

We have mentioned the advantages different types of people enjoy by availing of the services of a professional interpreter. Whether it is a student struggling to study a new language, a corporate organization trying to translate their entertainment service, or a product providing video and other media content, our interpreters at MoniSa Enterprise can do it all within given deadlines ensuring the guarantee of unparalleled quality services.

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Apart from various interpretation services, our group of linguistic experts can also provide web development, content development, data collection, and localization services. This is a complete package that can help your organization globalize and make its products or services more accessible to people.

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