A Beginner’s Guide To Translate Arabic Video To English

A Beginner’s Guide to Translate Arabic Video to English

Are you looking for services that Translate Arabic Video to English. OR Are you a beginner in learning Arabic, and how to translate it for reliable localization? You are exactly in the right place, this 1500-year-old language is spoken widely in 22 countries by 108 million native speakers. Concentrated in Egypt, the Western Sahara is also home to Arabic speakers. Besides the 371.4 million individuals that identify Arabic as their mother tongue, surprisingly only 1% of the population in the UK can speak Arabic accurately.

However, the global landscape has changed significantly over the years and today nearly four million Arab Americans live in the USA. Not only in America, but Arabic speakers can also be found all over the world in different percentages, influencing lives, and cultures, and drawing out the need to translate Arabic video to English.

Why Translate Arabic Video to English?

Why Translate Arabic Video to English?

A company or brand has always a profit motive. In a globalised world, there are multiple opportunities for growth, connecting with a better audience, expanding reach, and earning a good reputation. Incorporating translation facilities for their content is essential, especially if they want to enter markets and increase their audience base.

Here are some reasons why people might need to translate Arabic video to English, with images, content and much more:

Market Competition

Translation and localization services prepare a business for the competition. Surviving in the global market is tougher than ever, let alone in a regional market for non-regional companies that don’t speak a language that the majority of their population does. How can one expect to lead the market and translate Arabic video to English if they cannot even join the competition? To fit in with them, these organisations have to mix with ethnic communities. Only then will the people of these communities rely upon or prefer such brands. Speaking the language of your audience, and providing them with information and facilities in their own language is part of a reputed company.

Expand Global Reach

It might not be the first in the list of small entrepreneur to translate Arabic video to English, but with the increase in its operation size, it will have to take up localization progress for targeting the audiences they want. Not only Arabic, but companies also use multilingual translation services to climb the global ladder for their company’s international recognition.

Enter New Markets

Penetrating new markets is more complex than ever because any region has their specific characteristics. Customers already preferred the brands in the region, what would make them choose an international company that has newly entered this market? An effective translation service. For example, when Coca-Cola campaigned all over the world, it entered new markets by collaborating with regional games and letting native translators do the work.

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7 Beginners Tips to Translate Arabic Video to English

7 Beginners Tips to Translate Arabic Video to English

Follow these tips from our favourite in-house Arabic translators;

  • Identify the dialect to understand client needs.  Dialects in Saudi Arabia are different from that in Lebanon.
  • Unlike English, don’t forget to read Arabic from right to left by default.
  • Know the target audience, communicate with your client and understand what will be comprehensible and enticing.
  • Understand the cultural impact and the intended tone of the message to translate Arabic video to English with 100% accuracy.
  • Arabic characters are usually shorter when compared to English text. When translated, the sentences can also appear to be 30% longer than Arabic sentences. Moderate this according to clients’ requirements.
  • Edit translate Arabic video to English as per the company’s strategy for profit maximisation, lead generation, etc, reflecting company morals.
  • Try to use short, standard, native-language sentences in English with simple vocabulary to make them universally understandable by most English speakers. 

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How long does it take Translate Arabic Video to English?

How long does it take Translate Arabic Video to English?

How long will it take to translate a video depends on context, duration of the video, the necessity for accuracy according to cultural aspects, editing requirements, and the goal of the translation. According to us, a translation motive is extremely important. It sets the standard for our work and gives us a clear idea of what needs to be thrown light on.  

For example, if you want us to translate a campaigning video, it will take more time than a simple meeting subtitling, captioning or voice-over because campaigns have a specific rhythm or audience target that needs to be fulfilled without getting lost in translation. Word-by-word subtitling, captioning, etc, to translate Arabic video to English without much precision to cultural significance can be done competitively quickly.

We at MoniSa Enterprise deal with videos of different lengths, difficulty levels and cultural significance requirements. That is because our team is equipped with the perfect tools and skills to meet all your brand goals through Arabic translations.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I translate Arabic video to English?

To completely translate videos from Arabic to English, you need captioning, or subtitling services that appear on screen and voice-over services for complete video transformation. Users can also download transcripts of the audio and embed them into the Arabic video. Professionals at MoniSa Enterprise perform such linguistic services.

Is an online video translator available to translate Arabic video to English?

Companies or individuals can use online translators that use Artificial Intelligence to convert any video to text format conveniently. Even if the video has a voice-over, online apps can automatically sync the embedded transcript. However, for difficult languages like Arabic, it is suggested to professionally hire LSPs to ensure 100% accuracy.

What types of Arabic are spoken in UK and USA?

The Arab American and Arab English population usually speak Egyptian or Levantine Arabic. 

How important is Arabic internationally?

Outside its home region, Arabic is still quite popular due to the concentration of native speakers all over the world. Multiple business organisations, agencies, and even Secret Service positions are occupied by Arabic speakers which generates the demand for translation facilities. For example, the US Secret Service has criteria for fluent Arabic speakers and hence the need for Westerners to learn and translate Arabic video to English.

How can I choose a language service provider?

Consider price range, duration to translate Arabic videos, official reviews, and certifications to ensure an LSP is reliable.

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