CASE STUDY- Language Localization for the Global Market: MoniSa Enterprise’s Journey of Translation and App Localization of over 4 Million Words for Social Media Giant(Photo Sharing App) in 13 Indian Languages

CASE STUDY- Language Localization for the Global Market: MoniSa Enterprise's Journey of Translating Over 4 Million Words for Social Media Giant(Photo Sharing App) in 13 Indian Languages

Background to the App Localization Project

Recently at MoniSa Enterprise, we embarked on an extraordinary journey in collaborating with a globally recognized social media giant known for photo sharing. Through our expertise in website localization, we played a pivotal role in expanding their user base and strengthening their brand presence in diverse linguistic markets.

Engaging through “The Most Advanced AI Solution Provider for Enterprise Translation and Localization”, our partnership thrived on trust and confidence. As a trusted partner, we assumed the responsibility of managing the Android localization process, ensuring linguistic accuracy and cultural appropriateness across all localized materials. The localization project was managed on a cutting-edge, AI-assisted localization software platform. This platform offers a multitude of advanced features designed to improve the efficiency and accuracy of localization. Despite the initial learning curve in terms of machine translation capabilities and translation memory systems, the team quickly adapted to the platform, and it became an integral part of our website localization strategy. It allowed us to manage the project’s intricate requirements effectively and navigate the complexities of digital marketing localization

The project encompassed a comprehensive localization effort, covering not only the app and website but also legal documents, marketing campaigns, and user manuals. Our experience in app localization services and digital marketing came to the forefront, enabling us to deliver a tailored experience for users in 13 Indian languages. Not only did our client see a 35% increase in their user base in the targeted regions, but also experienced a significant boost in user engagement – users were spending 50% more time on the platform. 

Introducing Our Client

Introducing Our Client

Our esteemed client is a leading social media giant with a massive global presence. Their vision was to connect with a broader user base by providing an immersive and tailored experience in various Indian languages. The client had a specific objective: to increase their Indian user base by 35% within six months and to enhance the user engagement time by 15% across the newly targeted linguistic markets. We must mention here that due to a Non-Disclosure Agreement, we are unable to disclose the name of the social media giant, however, as professionals in localization, we were thrilled to collaborate with this influential player in the industry. With a focus on website localization and a strong emphasis on digital marketing, they sought to expand their brand presence and engage with users on a deeper level—their commitment to creating meaningful connections through cultural adaptation and linguistic accuracy perfectly aligned with our expertise.

Our client played an active role in the Android localization process. They were not just recipients of our services but valuable contributors throughout the journey. Alongside our team at MoniSa, we were fortunate to work closely with the client’s internal localization team. This collaboration was instrumental in bridging the gap between our external expertise and their internal knowledge of the brand.

Regular meetings were scheduled with the client’s team to discuss the project’s progress, and their feedback was instrumental in our decision-making process. For instance, during the translation of their marketing campaigns, the client’s team provided in-depth insights into their brand’s tone, style, and key messaging. This information ensured that our translations were not only linguistically accurate but also aligned with their brand identity.

Moreover, our collaboration with the client’s localization team was particularly useful in the realm of quality assurance and bug tracking. They regularly reviewed our work, offering constructive feedback that helped us fine-tune the translations and promptly address any bugs or issues that arose during the website localization process.

While the client’s team was actively involved, they also placed immense trust in our expertise. They gave us the autonomy to manage the day-to-day activities of the project, including linguist selection, workflow management, and quality control. This balance of active collaboration and trust fostered a successful working relationship and significantly contributed to the project’s success.

Challenges in Website Localisation and Translation

Challenges in Website Localisation and Translation

Embarking on this ambitious localization project presented us with a myriad of challenges that demanded innovative solutions. Let’s delve into these obstacles and how we overcame them to deliver exceptional results.

Translation Scale

One of the main challenges was managing the enormous scale of the project. With the need to translate and review over 4 million words across multiple domains and into 13 different languages, there were instances where we had to translate and review over 100,000 words in a single day. Maintaining coordination for translation and review processes for diverse content, including legal documents, marketing campaigns, user manuals, and website localization, was indeed a challenge. 

Technology Platform Onboarding

Efficiently onboarding resources onto the technology platform used to implement app localization services demanded seamless coordination and thorough training. The platform, while highly efficient, has a steep learning curve due to its complex features like machine-learning-based translation, in-context review interface, and detailed tracking dashboard. We made sure that our team members were proficient in utilizing the platform and adhering to the project’s  Android localization requirements, enabling us to navigate the intricacies of digital marketing localisation. 

Domain Expertise

To ensure linguistic accuracy and cultural appropriateness, we engaged subject matter experts in legal, marketing, general, and technical domains. Selecting, testing, and reviewing linguists with the necessary translation skills added complexity, but it allowed us to provide accurate translations and capture the nuances of each language.

The need for domain expertise was particularly felt while localizing legal documents. Legal language is highly specialized, and mistranslation can lead to significant consequences. There were times when we had to navigate through intricate legal terms and ensure their accurate translation.

Quality Assurance and Bug Resolution for App Localization

Preserving coding tags essential for the app localization services while translating and adapting content posed a unique challenge. Ensuring the accurate placement and functionality of these tags required effective communication and meticulous processes. For instance, a bug was identified where a particular tag was mistranslated, which disrupted the layout of the website in certain languages. Noticing this during our quality assurance process, our team quickly communicated with the client’s localization team via Jira, identified the error, and fixed the translation, ensuring the seamless functionality of the website. 

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Building a Unique Website Localization Solution

Building a Unique Website Localization Solution

At MoniSa Enterprise, we are committed to addressing the unique challenges encountered during the website localization project and implementing innovative approaches. Hence, we developed a tailored localization solution that ensured linguistic accuracy, cultural authenticity, and user engagement. Let’s explore the key elements of our solution.

Bug Tracking and Issue Resolution in App Localization Services

One of the major challenges we faced was the necessity to preserve coding tags for app localization while translating and adapting content. To solve this, we established a collaborative process with our clients’ localization team to address bugs and issues promptly. Using bug-tracking systems like Jira, we could quickly identify and resolve any bugs related to the mistranslation of coding tags, thereby ensuring the seamless functionality of the website in all languages.

Customized App Localization Workflows

To tackle the massive translation scale, we optimized our workflows by dividing the Android localization project into manageable segments. With this segmentation, our teams could focus on specific domains and languages, ensuring linguistic accuracy and cultural appropriateness. This customized approach allowed us to handle the immense task of translating over 4 million words without compromising on the quality or timeliness of our deliverables

Comprehensive Resource Management

Addressing the challenge of domain expertise, we assembled a team of skilled linguists with proficiency in different areas. By handpicking our team based on their expertise in legal, marketing, general, and technical content, we were able to provide accurate translations that captured the nuances and cultural context of each language.

Thorough Quality Assurance

Maintaining high standards of quality assurance and bug resolution was a significant hurdle. To overcome this, our linguistic experts conducted meticulous reviews and performed in-context testing and functional testing. This allowed us to identify and correct any inaccuracies or bugs swiftly, ensuring linguistic precision, cultural appropriateness, and functional integrity across all localized materials.

Our approach to this project was designed with scalability and replicability in mind. The same methodologies, workflows, and quality assurance measures that led to success in localizing 13 Indian languages can be effectively adapted for other languages and cultures. Whether your brand is aiming for expansion in Latin America, Europe, Asia, or any other region, you can trust MoniSa Enterprise to handle your website localization needs with the same level of expertise and dedication as demonstrated in this project.

Our Results

Our Results

Let’s explore the remarkable outcomes achieved through our localization efforts. By leveraging our expertise and dedication, we accomplished significant milestones, demonstrating the impact of digital marketing localisation on a global as well as small-scale basis.

Vast App Localization Scope

We managed to localize approximately 4 million words across various content domains into 13 Indian languages, a feat that has increased the accessibility of our client’s website and app to millions of new users in India.

Market Expansion

Our app localization services enabled our client to successfully expand its market presence over both Android and iOS platforms by reaching diverse linguistic communities. For instance, the user base in India grew by 35% within just 6 months of launching the localized versions, a clear testament to our effective Android localization strategy.

Enhanced User Engagement

As a result of our localized content, the client’s social media platform experienced a surge in user engagement. Average session times increased by 20%, and daily active users saw an upswing of 30%. Users who previously engaged sporadically started using the app more regularly once they could access and interact with the platform in their native languages.

Prior to our website localization efforts, the client’s user base in India was limited, and engagement rates were lower than average. After the successful app localization into 13 Indian languages, the client saw a 35% increase in the number of users in the targeted regions and a 50% increase in average engagement time per user. In the words of our client’s Project Manager, ‘Working with MoniSa Enterprise was an extraordinary experience. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to quality were instrumental in the success of our localization project. Their handling of the complex process of localizing our platform into 13 Indian languages was seamless. We saw an impressive increase in user engagement, and our brand’s reach expanded significantly. The project exceeded our expectations, and we look forward to potential future collaborations.’

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Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways

Throughout the website localization project, we gained valuable insights that have shaped our approach and reaffirmed the importance of personalized and culturally sensitive translations. Here are the key takeaways from this case study.

Collaborative Success

Our collaborative efforts have led to successful outcomes, reinforcing the value of close coordination between various teams. In the future, we plan to leverage these insights by strengthening our collaborative frameworks for app localization services – ensuring seamless communication for large-scale projects.

Cultural Nuances Matter

The importance of understanding and respecting cultural nuances has been underscored in this project. Going forward, we will invest even more in cultural research and sensitivity training for our linguists to ensure that all translations are not just linguistically accurate, but also culturally sensitive and resonant.

Technological Excellence

Combining linguistic expertise with technical proficiency was key to our success in this project. In our future projects, we aim to continue embracing cutting-edge technology platforms and enhancing our technical training programs to ensure we stay at the forefront of the localization industry.

User-Centric Approach to App Localization

A key takeaway is the vital role of a user-centric approach in localization for both Android and iOS users. In future projects, we plan to strengthen this approach by soliciting user feedback and conducting user experience research to understand our audience better and tailor our translations accordingly.

Reflecting on this ambitious localization project, we learned invaluable lessons about managing large-scale projects across various domains. We refined our understanding of resource allocation and quality assurance on a scale we hadn’t encountered before. Additionally, the diversity of Indian languages deepened our appreciation of cultural nuances, reinforcing our commitment to linguistic and cultural accuracy in website localization and app localization services. These learnings continue to inform our approach and service on future projects.



At MoniSa Enterprise, we take immense pride in the successful completion of this extensive localization project, where we seamlessly adapted the app, website, legal documents, marketing campaigns, and user manuals into 13 Indian languages. The achievement of localizing approximately 4 million words showcases our expertise in managing large-scale Android localization projects while maintaining linguistic accuracy and cultural authenticity. As a result of our successful localization project, we are now looking forward to collaborating with the client on their upcoming campaigns. This includes localizing their new features, thereby providing a seamless experience for users across different languages and cultures.

If you are seeking professional website localization or app localization services, MoniSa Enterprise is here to help. Our expertise in managing large-scale projects, along with our commitment to linguistic accuracy and cultural authenticity, ensures that your localized content resonates with your target audience. Contact us today to discuss how our localization services can assist you in reaching diverse audiences and establishing a global presence.

Don’t let language be a barrier to your global expansion. Tap into new markets with our expert website and app localization services. Contact us today and let’s start creating meaningful connections worldwide!

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