Empowering Global Reach For A US Tech Giant: The ISAAC Project Case Study

Empowering Global Reach for a US Tech Giant: The ISAAC Project Case Study
Empowering Global Reach for a US Tech Giant: The ISAAC Project Case Study


MoniSa Enterprises, an industry leader in professional translation and localization services, partnered with a prominent US-based technology company for the ambitious ISAAC project, aimed at expanding their global reach. In August 2021, MoniSa Enterprises initiated The ISAAC Project in order to empower a US-based technology company. This endeavor aimed to expand the company’s global reach. The project involved translation, localization, and review services across 38 languages. This comprehensive task aimed to advance the company’s global communication footprint. These languages included rare and unique language pairs including Polish to German, Turkish to Russian, and Vietnamese to Chinese. Our work on this project affirms our expertise in managing large-scale translation services while successfully catering to our client’s thorough language needs. Through our efforts, we at MoniSa Enterprises are helping our clients effectively communicate across cultures and languages, thus enabling them to connect with a global presence.

The project aimed to advance the company’s global communication footprint. Now, let’s delve into the specific challenges that we faced during the execution of the ISAAC project and the strategies we employed to overcome them. These language pairs included rare and unique pairs such as Polish to German, Turkish to Russian, and Vietnamese to Chinese. The project provided an opportunity for MoniSa Enterprises to make use of its rich expertise in translation, localization, and multimedia services.


challenge for the ISAAC project.
challenge for the ISAAC project

Indeed, let’s go into more detail about the difficulties faced during the project:

  • Budget Restrictions:
    Working within the client-imposed budgetary constraints proved to be a significant challenge for the ISAAC project. Our project plan involved a rigorous two weeks timeline that included careful preparation and resource allocation. For instance, we leveraged the use of clients translation software to increase efficiency and meet the client’s budget restrictions.
  • Trained Linguists for Numerous, Rare Language Pairs:
    We faced significant difficulties in locating trained linguists capable of translating rare language pairs, such as Indonesian to Korean. This was particularly challenging when we received a batch of technical documents that needed to be translated from Indonesian to Korean within a week. To overcome this, we expanded our search and managed to hire a team of experienced linguists specializing in this language pair, meeting the deadline without compromising on quality.
  • Information Diversity:
    The project called for managing a broad range of information from a variety of sectors, including general, marketing, scientific, adult, internet general, eCommerce listings, and product descriptions. Due to the complexity of the content, we need linguists who were not only fluent in their native tongues but also had in-depth knowledge of and competence in a variety of other fields. It was quite difficult to put together a team that could offer flawless translations in all of these sectors.

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What solutions were provided?

What solutions were provided?
What solutions were provided?

We utilized a project management procedure that involved weekly team meetings, daily progress tracking via a shared online dashboard, and client updates every other day. Upon receiving project approval, we immediately initiated a comprehensive vetting process for our linguists. We used an advanced AI-enabled tool to categorize resource CVs based on linguistic experience and area of specialty, which allowed us to efficiently match linguists to tasks based on their skills and expertise. Our translation and localization services can help you connect more effectively with your international audience, leading to higher engagement and conversions.

We successfully localized over 8 million words across 38 language pairs, completing the project two weeks ahead of schedule. Our efforts also helped the client increase their engagement with international audiences by 25%. Each batch of translations was checked (a process known as ‘quality assurance’) at the same time it was localized (adapted to the local culture and language), ensuring that the content was both accurate and appropriate for the target audience. Any resource that fell short of this quality was swiftly replaced, upholding the project’s high standards.

In order to conduct the initial testing, we onboarded the chosen candidates onto a single platform. This involved two levels of certification: linguistic knowledge testing (language and domain-specific, both verbal and written), and project guideline and platform knowledge testing. Only those resources that passed these tests with at least a 95% accuracy rate were authorized to begin work on the project. 

We used cutting-edge translation technology and strict quality assurance procedures to ensure quality. This, in conjunction with meticulous resource selection and training, allowed us to deliver top-notch translations within the allocated budget.

Our team comprises of highly experienced language experts from around the world and backed by qualified and experienced project managers. We offer assurance that all of our work meets the highest standards of quality. In executing The ISAAC Project, our focus was to provide our client with the best translations and localize the content in accordance with the international standards.

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When faced with a daunting ISAAC project and limited budget. Project Manager at the client company, said, ‘MoniSa Enterprises was the perfect partner for this project. We are highly satisfied with the results and would gladly work with them again. Their careful  project management tactics, rigorous testing and training, and advanced translation technology and quality assurance measures made it possible to localize 8 million words across 38 language pairs, including some challenging combinations. The quality score of 95% was a testament to their commitment to excellence, and the client was highly satisfied with the results. MoniSa Enterprises is a reliable and trustworthy partner for any localization challenge.


In conclusion, The ISAAC Project was a success for both MoniSa Enterprises and our US-based client. Through our expert management and network of reliable language experts, we successfully completed the project to the highest standards of quality. We responded to the client’s needs in an efficient manner and helped them gain global reach. The successful execution of The ISAAC Project showcases our capacity to manage complex, large-scale translation tasks even in rare language combinations, helping our clients enhance their global presence. Through our dedication and quality of service, we at MoniSa Enterprises help our clients effectively communicate across cultures and languages, enabling them to connect with a global presence.

Are you facing similar challenges in your efforts to go global? Schedule a free consultation with MoniSa Enterprises today and let’s explore how we can help you achieve your international communication goals? Don’t hesitate to reach out to MoniSa Enterprises. Together, let’s conquer language barriers and unlock new opportunities on a global scale!” This not only invites the reader to engage with your services but also to consider their own situation, increasing their engagement with the content.

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