Importance Of Navajo Translations For The United States

Importance of Navajo Translations for the United States
Importance of Navajo Translations for the United States

Have you heard about the Navajo language? It is a rare and deeply unique language spoken by the Native Americans of the North American continent, especially in the southwestern United States of America.

The Navajo tribe are a subpart of the Apache community and are said to have first sought a unique identity between 900 and 1525 AD.

Why do we need to keep the Navajo language alive?

Although almost 80% of the USA speaks English as their first language, the country comprising 50 states also offers linguistic minorities such as the Native American community. The Native American community speaks a variety of languages, with the most popular being Navajo. With only around 300k native speakers, the Navajo language was fast disappearing from the face of the planet, being slowly pushed into obscurity.

Yet, recent efforts show that with the global trend of revitalizing our local languages, the Navajo language is also being given the importance it deserves. But why? With such a small number of speakers, wouldn’t it be just easier for the Native Americans to learn both Navajo and English?

The answer to the above question should be no, because of several factors, as below:

  1. The Navajo language showcases the rich cultural diversity of the USA.
  2. The Navajo language is a part of the cultural identity of the Native Americans.
  3. The evolution of the Navajo language also represents the evolution of its speakers and is a reflection of local ecological and biological diversity.

Rather than choosing only one, the major focus should be on creating a synergy between the two languages, so that it is easy to translate English to Navajo and vice versa. This is especially important for future generations so that they are aware of their heritage and can represent themselves proudly on an international forum.

The solution? Professional Navajo language translator.

Why is the Navajo language difficult to translate?

The Navajo language is difficult to translate because it uses the concept of tones in creating the context of a sentence. Hence, a word may have different meanings, each of which fits a different tone. Moreover, different families and regions speaking the Navajo language may have different dialects and accents, which makes it all the more confusing.

This makes it difficult for both English to Navajo translation as well as Navajo to English language translation. A translation made using an English to Navajo translation online tool can often be inaccurate and unreliable.

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Where can Navajo translations be used?

While UNESCO recognises Navajo as a “rare and vulnerable” language, it is important to revive this language for more than its historical value. Navajo translations have many real-life applications such as in legal, medical and entrepreneurial situations. Let us discuss them one by one:

Medical translations:

It is quite obvious to assume that a person is most comfortable speaking about their medical afflictions in their native language. Yet if there is no scope for Navajo to English language translation, it is not possible to effectively communicate reasons for illness.

Legal translations:

Legal documents and law enforcement procedures should be made available to Navajo speakers so that they can abide by the law. Moreover, policemen and lawmakers should be familiar with the language so that they can more effectively gather information, while also taking into account cultural habits.

Business and business relations:

If you want to run a business which targets a certain audience, being able to properly communicate with them and understanding the factors which affect their purchasing habits is of utmost importance. Business and business relations must be carried out with an English to Navajo translation team at hand.

Who can be a professional Navajo Language Translator?

A professional Navajo language translator is not only well-versed in their native tongue of Navajo, but also fluent in a second language such as English. A professional Navajo language translator offers reliable results since they understand context cues and are also able to respect the spirit of the language. Unlike machine translation using an English to Navajo translation online tool, professional translation services can also ensure authenticity, so that the target text creates its value rather than looking like a word-for-word translation from another language.

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Where can you find professional translation services?

Finding professional translation services that suit your specific needs can be a hassle, especially if you are running short on time. But wait, you don’t need to worry about it anymore. At MoniSa Enterprise, our team of expert linguists and translators are ready to deal with any task at hand. While we do offer translation services in over 250 Asian and major European languages, it is our attention to detail and passion for living through new languages that set us apart from other global companies. So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to MoniSa Enterprise to get a free quote today!

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